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About Us

What you really want to know is: what sets Lamond Catering apart from every other ‘catering equipment’ company you have researched? So, let’s make this easy for you!

The Principal. The company Principal is a qualified Chef with 20 plus years of experience in the kitchen who owned a thriving restaurant in a funky little ‘burb of Newcastle for 5 years before moving into his true passion; kitchen/bar design and consulting.

The team. So Lamond Catering truly understands what you need, not just from an equipment point-of-view, but the team has been chosen because of their ability to habitually take into consideration the practicalities of your working space which can only truly be understood by someone who has ‘lived’ in a kitchen.

The cost. The vast majority of our customers are surprised by the cost-effectiveness of our service. You benefit from the experience of our team, it doesn’t translate as a dollar figure to add to your invoice. Lamond Catering brings together the best-of-the-best with their solid nationwide and international contacts, broad product base, extensive experience and a following of happy customers.

And that’s what you really want, isn’t it? A consultant who isn’t trying to push you to purchase to boost their sales targets, but a true industry professional who can offer valuable assistance to promote and ensure the longevity of your business for a reasonable price.